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I often think about all the great tunes out there. There are many and vast and they all mean different things to different people. Particular tracks identify  a time a place, a moment in each persons memory. There is no definitive dance track of all time as that answer is personal to the individual. My choice though would have to be Underworld – Rez.

The track invokes that magic I first experienced as a teenager of a true dance club, not the commercial foam parties or cattle market with my mates but the true honest all embracing dance music.

I have two stand out moments both encapsulated with this track. The first as a teenager going to The ROOM a small club that was based on George Street, Kingston-upon-Hull in the UK around 1993?. I remember queuing up , apprehensive as I went in alone ( my group of friends were indie types) , people 4-5 years older mainly, people here for the tunage not for the cheap drinks. I remember walking past the crowded bar, mixing with types from all over Hull, mainly rougher looking people but friendly and the majority beaming from ear to ear ( probably MDMA) but all moving to the deep bass of the drum. Lasers going hands in the air euphoric scene that I felt a part , having it large without a care in the world.

The second was in Essex Colchester at a Uny night called Rapture, it was based in an underground car park. I was now fully fledged house music addict, my dance music friends are off on MDMA or speed , but I was always happy with my water and Adidas tracksuit again this track and born slippy , lasers shining , smoke machine on full hands in the air euphoria. I had started DJing at this time at local uni events, and even a club night.

This track is ever so much nostalic. its my best dance track in the world and its Underworld – Rez.

I even got to see it live at Reading Festival 1996. 🙂 good times.


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  1. Adrian

    November 6, 2016 at 7:47 am

    Agreed. There’s something special about Underworld and this track in particular. They’ve both stood the test of time. The driving rolling drums. The warbling erratic synth lead. The cool alternative closed hat, coming in at odd moments. The transition and build….. Oh the build! Listening to this now on my pair of Sony MDR – 7506’s… Nostalgic and uplifting.. Were this same track released today it’d be just as good.

    • Chillsky

      November 9, 2016 at 3:13 pm

      Agreed. The world needs more bands like Underworld.


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