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Tracks submitted will be added into radio rotation should they suit the genre. If you would also like featuring on the website then add an artist image and at least 100 words describing the artist and we will do our best to feature you on the site. chillsky is advert free & thus non-profit. We exist simply to expose the artists and genre and importantly to help you chill. Track submissions are reviewed and you will be featured in freshblood posting if your track hits our genre, if your extra special and we really dig your beats we will also feature you individually. Turnaround can be 4-8 weeks as we stagger submissions to give each artist front page exposure. Thanks for your patience and for taking the time to make beats and submit your work.

TIP: Upload a zip file containing your MP3, txt file of artist info and artist JPEG.

Note: Should your track be added in error or you simply wish it removed use the same form above but in artist text state remove along with track title as it is in rotation. Please allow 5 working days for removal while we verify your request. No infringement of copyright is intended nor implied. Service operated on goodwill of submissions and not for profit or gain.   If you wish to listen to more main stream tracks/artists we recommend spotify or itunes. IMPORTANT : IF your track is NOT featured you will NOT be notified and we will NOT provide feedback. If you want feedback please submit your track to /r/lofihiphop

Chillsky is 100% independent, we are not associated with any label nor do we stream on youtube.

Our radio stream is available via tunein, streaming radio directories like Roku and iTunes radio directory. ABOUT is a blog/radio station/podcast featuring lofi beats and chilled hiphop beats that tickle our fancy. We are self funded , none profit who run the site for love. we make zero cash from the site , it costs us about $350 a year to keep this site going which we are happy to pitch in towards. to get in touch about anything other than above contact via instagram