We checked out their ep and we loved the lofi hiphop vibe. well worth checking out their soundcloud and getting

Alta Xero

little is known but we loved the lofi vibe of their tracks. Thanks for the submission Alta Xero.,


social hi im a lonley boy from Chile haha, and i just make music everytime i breath ty for readme

What the fuck happened to hiphop?

Run DMC about Hip Hop today, he didn’t hold back. Lets hope lofi takes hiphop to a special place.


I’m 19 and from a small town called Swindon in the UK. A lot of lo-fi influences mixed with smooth


Hiphop producer and drummer based in Strasbourg, GBO takes us to the high gear in a dreamlike contemporary epopee. We

Pierre Van der Heyde

A young Belgian artist living in Vilvoorde. They are currently trying different kinds of music genres and don’t really have


lofi/expiremental/chillhop producer from cold cold Sweden, usually making the beats without samples. Inspiration comes from a lot of different genres,

Jon Pablo

My name is Jon Pablo. Jon like what my mama named me and Pablo like Picasso and Escobar. I’m from

Yung Cody

 Hey! I go by Yung Cody and I’m a lofi/trap producer from Long Beach, CA. I’m heavily influenced by

tin chak

tin chak submission hit us in the face like kanye west and his hype twitter posts. These tracks are sublime

Jung Fellaz

Jung Fellaz are a beat-making duo based out of Calgary, Alberta. Growing up they were introduced to a variety of