Chillsky #41 – lofi- hiphop beats and downtempo music // chillsky


Its another episode of the chillsky featuring some laid back downtempo beats and treats.

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Magnatech EPMicrobunny
“Magnatech” (mp3)
from “Magnatech EP”
(Static Clang)

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Jatha Beat – The ProgressionDJ Drez
“The Road, Pt. 2” (mp3)
from “Jatha Beat – The Progression”
(Say It Loud Music)

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Versificator EPVapor Maché
“Cracks Into Crevices” (mp3)
from “Versificator EP”
(Muti Music)

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Victoria Lounge SoundMentaliz
“Momento especial” (mp3)
from “Victoria Lounge Sound”

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Collaborative Efforts Vol. 2Foscil and Specs One
“Trees” (mp3)
from “Collaborative Efforts Vol. 2”

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“Machines” (mp3)
from “Infomusication”

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