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My name is Bu$hi (short for bushido) I’m a Vibe Creator based out of Rochester, New York. Music influences I


there is nothing much about me. my music influenced by jazz maybe cause I like jazz very much . my

Soft Eyez

Artist name is Soft Eyez and i am a small LoFi producer, my influences are Sleepdealer and Flavors. Full tracks.

flips on classics rest in beats nujabes [music] 01 Nujabes – Aruarian Dance (Japanese Names Remix)… 02 Nujabes –

Daniel Jiménez

My inspiration comes from listening to Cookie Monster Galaxy, Aso, 97SPECIAL, EEVEE, Mittens and APO ザ · 犬. I am


hi there, i’m a rapper named coldpizza, and this is my newest single “slow dance”. it’s a collaborative effort from


Exclusive interview with lofi artist eveline aka eevee. Please can you say a little bit about yourself, eg age, location


Leekix is a producer from Houston, Texas whose been making beats for 6 years now. Their main inspirations for making


Cassoville hit us up on instagram , hes from Siloam Springs, United States and is a rapper but we also


Bluefunkbeat from Seattle, WA, hit our inbox and his lofi beats hit us in the face like a wet kipper.


Mark (Marviltron) based in Chicago. He just released a lofi hiphop track titled “feels” featuring Angeloop and although it looks


Jpro (or JuanitoPro), has always performed hiphop beats and sought perfection in sound, but now he has done 5 beats