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lofi/expiremental/chillhop producer from cold cold Sweden, usually making the beats without samples. Inspiration comes from a lot of different genres,

Jon Pablo

My name is Jon Pablo. Jon like what my mama named me and Pablo like Picasso and Escobar. I’m from

Yung Cody

 Hey! I go by Yung Cody and I’m a lofi/trap producer from Long Beach, CA. I’m heavily influenced by

tin chak

tin chak submission hit us in the face like kanye west and his hype twitter posts. These tracks are sublime

Jung Fellaz

Jung Fellaz are a beat-making duo based out of Calgary, Alberta. Growing up they were introduced to a variety of

lil bow pete

Lil bow pete just really likes making beats, especially the boom bap/old school style. He takes influence from the greats


POW POW POW into the inbox came this Canadian lofi magician going under the moniker of ‘sushileaf’. Sushileaf has been


Fresh for 2018 we have druid from the UK , bring flaky beats and chillhop treats that we just loveeeeeeee.

lofi hiphop track submission is now open

[alert type=green ]Tracks submissions are now open for 2018 [/alert]. Got some decent lofi beats and chilled treats then hit


My name is Afrosamuraiist and I am a producer from south-west London. I produce a variety of genres varying from

NTRLY & Loris Mils

NTRLY & Loris Mils are two beatmakers from Genova, Italy and part of the team Midnight Espresso. After “Moon Phases


FulKost is a 21 year old, MC, songwriter and producer from Coventry, UK. Having studied at university in Leeds he