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Influenced by the Sights and sounds of Los Angeles. Music that takes you to another place whether it be past

Meister Eder

Meister Eder a fresh lofi producer from Germany – check out his beats.

Mr. Goldenfold

We get lots of submissions here at chillsky and we listen to each and every track. Once in a while


Australian producer who is into all things hiphop/chillhop/lofi Chilled lofi hiphop grooves, with a jazzy/lounge feel. Influences include The Deli,


Hello ! I chose the name hate.u because of my depression and anxiety that I have when I am around


KiD from palermo, Italy, did this beat in a saddest moment of their life. my dream is to share my

exe beats

Im a producer originally influenced by artists such as Gramatik, MF DOOM, Madlib, and RJD2. I’ve currently been on a


My name is Bu$hi (short for bushido) I’m a Vibe Creator based out of Rochester, New York. Music influences I


there is nothing much about me. my music influenced by jazz maybe cause I like jazz very much . my

Soft Eyez

Artist name is Soft Eyez and i am a small LoFi producer, my influences are Sleepdealer and Flavors. Full tracks.

flips on classics rest in beats nujabes [music] 01 Nujabes – Aruarian Dance (Japanese Names Remix) https://soundcloud.com/japanese-names… 02 Nujabes –