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The Chillsky Podcast is DJ’d, produced and broadcast out the back pocket of Chris aka Chillsky.

I’m in England, United Kingdom.

The servers running the chillsky are located worldwide in the Iceland & France.

I have been passionate about chillout music for over 25 years and have developed my style to embrace any genre of track that has a mellow/laidback vibe.

This means the chillsky will play anything from South American Dub to Chinese hiphop followed by a demo electronica tune regardless.





I have DJed on Uny radio and a few gigs but these days I tend to buy albums online, and listen to music on my Mac concentrating on the Chillsky Podcast episodes. I work full time in the UK and I’m married to a sexy Chinese lass but I continue my passion for chillout. I’m a bit rural and don’t get down to as many independent record shops as I would like but manage to get my monthly fix through various websites.

The podcast is well subscribed on itunes just search “chillout” and you will find the chillsky.

 If you are interested in a promotion/advertising/track submission/etc… please contact me.

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chris Aka :  Chillsky @chillskys